Saturday, December 4, 2010

Make Your Opinion Heard!

After considerable reunion planning, the 30th Reunion Committee has some decisions that need to be made, and your input is needed! Whether you are a member of the Class of '81 or a friend of the Class of '81, even if you are only just thinking about going to the reunion, please help decide some of the details by taking a few moments to complete the online survey. Keep in mind you are not committing to anything by completing the survey. You're just helping us to get an idea of what the majority of those planning to attend want.

The first decision that needs to be made is what kind of icebreaker Social we want to have on Friday, August 5th at the 49ers Lodge at West Point from 7-11 PM. One option is a "bare bones" good ol' fashioned kegger. Just the music and the beer flowing while the days are yore are revisited. The cost? At this stage, the cost is a little tricky to calculate without knowing how many people are going and without 2011 prices set. The more that attend, though, the cheaper it will be. Looking at the estimates, though, it could cost as little as $10 and as much as $18. My guess is that it'll be around $15, not bad for a 4 hour keg party.

The second option is what's called a "2 Hour Cocktail Party". Relax, there'll be beer on tap the whole 4 hours, but from 8-10 PM, there will be assorted wines and sodas, hot wings, French bread pizza, Swedish meatballs, cold cuts and cheese platters. The price tag? Again, with more people, the price goes down, but I figure it'll be around $25, a bargain. Afterward, of course, you are free to continue the festivities at either South Gate Tavern or Benny Havens or at the swanky club on top of the Thayer Hotel, ZuluTime which is open until midnight, or wherever you wish to take your party.

Next up, you need to let the Reunion Committee know if you plan on going to the Round Pond BBQ Saturday afternoon. The usual staples, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, potato salad, soda, and chips are planned (for now) with a best guess price tag of $15 per person which includes a swim pass. If you want to bring kids, they'll be $10 each. This will be a BYOB event however.

Finally, for the Saturday Night Formal-As-You-Want-To-Be (it is going to be August you know - it could be 100 degrees) dinner buffet back at the 49ers Lodge, there are many options for the menu. Here are our choices. There is a Mexican Buffet featuring Southwest grilled chicken, Fajitas, and Burritos. There is an Italian Buffet featuring Lemon Chicken, Pasta Pomodoro, Eggplant Parmigiana, and meatballs in a marinara sauce. Then there's the Autumn Buffet - think Thanksgiving, then the Fair Food Buffet with sausage and peppers, fried chicken, and Waffle Fries, then the German Buffet with Sauerbraten, German Potato Salad, and Brats and sauerkraut, and last, but not least, the All-American Buffet with fried chicken, BBQ beef, BBQ pork, and garlic roasted mashed potatoes. Each buffet has additional appropriately themed side dishes way too numerous to list, but you get the idea. The price difference for each is nominal. My best guess for the evening is $25, again, a bargain.

Sunday Brunch hasn't formally been set up yet, but I figure that is the easiest of the events to plan for. The consensus among those looking to attend up to this point has been to keep this affordable. Even if we go all out here (not including the Sunday Brunch) these 3 events most likely come in under $75. Mission accomplished in my book.

At the end of the survey, there is a spot for you to give us your contact information. By giving us your email address, you will help us keep you in the loop as developments occur, and it'll keep us from having to track you down in the months to come. There is also a spot for you to voice any concerns or recommendations or anything else you want to pass on to us. Oh, and if there is a Bill Gates among us who would like to make a sizable contribution to defer the costs, by all means, I think the rest of us will let you. Just say so in the comments at the end of the survey.

Take take the survey, click here.

Now can somebody please tell me why people from Garrison had goats in their trees, and what the $#%&! "Nothing for the puppy" meant. Wait, never mind, save it for the reunion.

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Mathdude said...

BTW, 20 people have responded as a "yes" on Facebook to going to the Friday night Social with 16 "maybe"s. It would be great to get a ton of people going.